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Bakery Packaging Supplies: Science, Art and Technology Rolled In One

bakery packaging supplies

Bakery packaging supplies are interlinked with production, storage, transportation, preservation, and marketing. Moreover, bakery packaging supplies are all about science, art, and technology.

The main job of bakery packaging supplies is to carry, protect and sell bakery products. Before using a specific bakery packaging supply for a certain bakery item, it is necessary to know important details about the product like its desired shelf life, composition, factors that can cause deterioration and more. The bakery packaging supplies should not transfer its odor to the product. In short, they should be inert to the product and completely non-toxic.

Packaging of bakery products

A majority of the bakeries market their products fresh and then store them at ambient temperature. However, certain bakery products like cakes, donuts, cupcakes and fruit-filled piles are stored in a refrigerator or frozen storage conditions to achieve longer shelf life. Like every other processed food, bakery products can also get spoiled due to physical, chemical or microbiological reasons.

Physical and chemical spoilage usually decreases the shelf life of low and intermediate moisture bakery products while microbiological spoilage decreases the shelf life for intermediate and high moisture bakery products. Although all bakery products are cooked at high temperatures, they can still get spoiled. This is the reason bakery packaging supplies are so important.

Requirements for packaging materials for bakery products

Bread and Cakes: Breads and buns have 85-90% equilibrium relative humidity, therefore they easily lose moisture to the atmosphere. Bakery packaging supplies made from slightly water-vapor proof material are required for packing bread to prevent them from becoming soggy and mould sensitive. This protection helps in handling and preventing the entry of dust. Cakes and similar bakery products also require the same bakery packaging supplies. However, packaging for cakes should be rigid enough to protect them from any physical damage.

Paper-based bakery packaging supplies

Paper-based bakery packaging supplies give users enough storage space. Moreover, they are appealing and easy to carry and they are exceptionally safe for the environment. Here are some other benefits of paper supplies:

Bio-degradable material

Paper packages are made from renewable resources such as paper and paperboard. Plastic is not easily biodegradable but the paper is. Plastic takes hundreds of years to break down and on its way produces several harmful chemicals.

No harmful toxins

Eco-friendly packaging such as paper bakery packaging supplies don’t produce any harmful chemicals over its lifespan.

It is versatile

Paper bakery packaging supplies can be used for various items like cakes, cupcakes, donuts and more. Plus, they are also safe to be used for decorating bakery products, for example, paper cake banners.

It improves your brand’s image

Using environmentally friendly packaging can help you in creating trust within your customer base. Trends concerning biodegradable products are on the rise. Nowadays, customers want to interact and purchase from brands that work towards sustainable practices.

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