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Important Baking Decorating Supplies


There are various baking decorating supplies that you can use when decorating a cake at home. These amazing baking decorating supplies will make your task much easier.

If you are planning to start your own home bakery business, you will be decorating cakes on a regular basis, so it is better to collect some of the useful baking decorating supplies. There are an endless amount of tools that you can purchase. Listed below are some of the basic baking decorating supplies that will make your work easier and create better results.

Cake Plate

One of the most important baking decorating supplies is a cake plate. It can be used to hold the cake. There are a variety of cake plates available ranging from basic designs to very decorative ones. They are made from various materials but it is best to opt for paper cake plates as they are environmentally friendly, affordable, and have more attractive designs.

Cake Disks

You can purchase cake disks from any shop where baking decorating supplies are available. Cake disks are available in a number of sizes and they make it easier to decorate and frost the cake. Moreover, they allow you to hold the cake in your hand with ease.


A turntable is normally about 12 inches in diameter. It is a plate that is mounted on a pedestal on which it can rotate. This baking decorating supply makes it easy to access all sides of the cake, therefore aiding in frosting and decorating the cake.

Icing Spatula

One of the most useful baking decorating supplies is an icing spatula. It is used to spread frosting on the cake. They are made from long metal blades and are quite flexible. With the help of an icing spatula, you can even spread frosting on the cake in a pan. A spatula can reach all the corners and edges of the cake, hence allowing you to spread the frost evenly. Additionally, they are available in a variety of sizes.

Pastry Brush

A pastry brush can be used to brush off excess crumbs from the cake’s surface. Removing these crumbs is very important because otherwise, they will get into the frosting. Opt for a pastry brush that has soft bristles so it does not damage the cake.

Decorating Comb

Another important baking decorating supply is a decorating comb. It is a triangle-shaped tool that has various design cuts along each edge. It is used to make wavy lines on the frosting. These combs are either made from metal or plastic.

Pastry Bag

It is a cone-shaped bag that has two openings, one small and the other large. The small opening is known as the decorating end that helps in creating different decorative shapes. However, the large end is used to fill the bag with a mass of soft food like whipped cream, frosting etc. You can squeeze the bag to force the stuff out of the decorating tip.

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