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Order cupcake wrappers and liners at Gold Eagle Print


Paper cupcake wrappers and liners are great for baking. If you own a bakery or have just started a home-based cupcake and muffin business, you will need custom cup cake liners and wrappers to make the perfect cupcakes and muffins. At Gold Eagle Print, you can order custom cup cake wrappers and liners with your business name and logo. We offer plain paper cups as well as greaseproof baking cups.

Cupcake Liners and Wrappers

Made of high-quality material, cupcake liners come in multi colors with unique designs. A pack of custom cupcake liners usually has 100 pcs to help you bake multiple muffins or cup cakes at a time. However, when you order custom muffin wrappers and liners through Gold Eagle Print, you will have to order in bulk. We deliver orders at wholesale rates and so a minimum order size will have to be mentioned.

The cupcake liners ordered through us will fit perfectly in your cupcake mold. The good thing about our cupcake liners is that you can unfold the rolled edge to make the cup a bit larger. Moreover, you can even unfold the whole cup and use it as bread paper. The cupcake liners can tolerate high oven temperatures as they are made to be high temperature resistant. Whether you want plain cupcake liners to customize them yourself, or need cupcake liners that are multicolored and designed with your logo printed on them, you can order them through Gold Eagle Print. You can even order them in different colors like pink, yellow, blue, green with no design or logo at all if you want color but do not prefer plain white or brown muffin paper liners.

High Quality Cupcake Liners

Our cupcake wrappers are of the highest quality and they can be used for cupcakes, desserts, hot and cold appetizers and more. You can even use them for candies. They make great decorative items as well and serve as a great baking tool. We offer the best prices and offer only top-quality products so our customers return for more. Our products are original and are offered at a very reasonable price because we value customer satisfaction.

Our custom cup cake liners and paper mold can also be used for cooking at home. Choose your favorite liner to add extra beauty. We assure you that we give you the best prices for custom cupcake liners and wrappers. You can order custom cupcake liners at Gold Eagle Print if you are not happy with the ones available in the market. We make it easy for you to make your muffins and cupcakes more presentable in front of your guests and your customers.