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Custom bakery boxes add style and glamor to your packaging. They are one of the last things to complete when you have to prepare for your bakery. Custom bakery boxes are unique and the design of the box will make it stand out among the rest of the products that are of the same kind. The design you want to choose for the custom bakery box totally depends on your wishes. You can have the custom boxes designed in any size and style. Whether you go for individual cupcake boxes, small cake boxes, paper cake boxes, single cupcake boxes or any other style, you can count on Gold Eagle Print to meet your needs.

Types of Custom Bakery Boxes

Every bakery has a number of items to offer. From Birthday cakes to chocolates to cupcakes, you name it and you’ll get it at the bakery. We specialize in making custom birthday gift boxes, sweet gift boxes, dessert boxes, bakery gift boxes and more. You can have them custom made with the name and logo of your bakery. The custom boxes can then be personalized by printing the name of the recipient on it. For example, if you have to offer giveaways on your birthday, you can have the custom boxes personalized with your name and event date etc.

The best thing about the custom bakery boxes offered by Golden Eagle Print is that you can order them at wholesale prices. We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting party supplies. We specialize in all kinds of food packaging paper products and provide services and products of the highest quality. We know how to meet the needs and requirements within the wildest scope. When you order your custom bakery boxes with us, we make sure that every stage of your product is controlled and monitored.

Our custom bakery boxes are made from high quality materials to maintain the freshness of your marvels. This makes them a popular choice among baking connoisseurs everywhere. If you want your bakery boxes designed with custom logo and graphics and colorful embellishments, then contact Gold Eagle Print to place your order. We assure you that we offer the best quality at the best price. The custom boxes you order through us will have the perfect shape and size and they will keep your sweet treats fresh for a long time. When your customers simply order your bakery goods for take-out, they will remember the custom boxes you give them. The boxes will also add value and personality to your bakery items.